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45,000 A plot of land of 7000m2, consisting of two parts, 4000sqm, buildable, and 3000sqm separated by a road 2,5m wide. It is sloping, with terraces…
7000 m2

Land in Naousa

500,000 (Code KX 108) Area 9000m2, south-eastern orientation, face to rural road, 5m from the sea, drilling, 3 olives, vineyards, cistern,well, slopes outside of settlements, builds…
9000 m2

Land in Naousa

180,000 (Code KX 107) Area 6000m2 corner, face to rural road, sea view.Price 180000 €  
6000 m2

Land in Naousa

190,000 (Code KX 106)  Land area 7000m2, small sea view, distance 80m from the sea. Nearby are the beaches of Santa Maria, Laggeris, Ag Anargiri. price…
7000 m2

Land in Naousa

190,000 (Code KX 105) Area 4500m2, productive olive trees, face on a rural road. Distance 80m from the sea. price 190000 €
4500 m2

Land in Naousa

200,000 (Code KX 104) Area 6 000m2, well with water, 4 olive trees, wine press, face on a rural road. Distance from the sea 100m.
6000 m2

Land in Agia Irini

100,000 (Code ΚΧ 103) Area 13480m2, person on rural road 111.40m, sloping, distance 350m from the beach of Ag. Peace. Distance 4.500m from Parikia. Outside settlements,…
13480 m2

Land in Agia Irini

190,000 (Code KX 102) small view of the sea,it builts 1628m2, two floors with swimming pools. Distance from the sea 400m. price 190 000 €
20350 m2

Land in Agia Irini

200,000 (Code KX 101) 450m from Ag. Irini beach, southwest orientation. Outside settlements. In a quiet residential area, very close to  beaches. 4 km from Parikia. Suitable…
17225 m2

Parcel in Naoussa

500,000 (code KX 090) Area 40 000m2, there is a forest decision, views to Kolimbithres, enough green, with clean paths, in a quiet area. Entry from…
40000+7000 m2

Plot of land in Antiparos.

1,000,000 (code KX 084) Soros area, very good sea view, east orientation, sloping, with a forest section on the top of the parcel. Easy access. suitable…

Parcel in the location of Soros Antiparos.

600,000 (code KX 082) Area 6700m2, at the location Apantheni, with very good view to the sea, easy access from the asphalt and distance 200m walking…
6700 m2

Parcel in the location of Kounados Parikia Paros.

350,000 (code KX 079) Area 8500m2 outside the settlement, corner with slopes with terraces, faced to the road Kamares and Naousa, building 280m2, very good view…
8500 m2

300,000 (code KX 078) Εμβαδόν 7700μ2, εκτός οικισμού, αμφιθεατρικό με πανοραμική θέα στον κόλπο της Παροικιάς, άρτιο και οικοδομήσιμο, δόμηση 240μ2 ισόγειο. Τιμή 300000€  
7700 m2

Parcel in Marathi

150,000 (code KX 075)  amphitheatrical , vineyard, in a quiet area. It contains a small stone building, and a wine press. Price 150000 €  
8700 m2

Plot of land in Lefkes

300,000 (code KX 074) Area 9000m2, amphitheatrical, overlooking the sea and the settlement of Lefkes. Outside settlements, Price 300000 €
9000 m2

Land in Kambos of Kostos

140,000 (code KX 072) Land of 2000m2 with building permit of two-storey building and swimming pool.sea view, quiet area. 3.5km from Naoussa, 2.5km from Ambelas, 1.5km…
2000 m2

Plot of Land in Agios georgios

195,000 (code KX 031)
4800 m2

Plot of land in Turkovounia in Antiparos

1,500,000 (Code KX 070) Parcel 32592m2, high on top, consisting of 2 adjacent parcels of 18060m2 and 145322m2, with double view of the sea, with the…
32592 m2

Plot of land in Agios Charalambos.

200,000 (Code KX 062)  Plot of 7.000m2, even and buildable. price 200000 €, overlooking the bay of Paroikia outside of the settlement.
70000 m2

Plot of land in Kamari

140,000 (Code KX 060) Parcel of 4100m2, buildable with 220m2 building, price 140000 €, with a small view of the sea, in a quiet area with…
4100 m2

land in Makri Miti

450,000 (Code KX 059) Parcel of 10,800m2, with an unobstructed view of the plain of Aliki 400m from the beach, price 450.000 €, in a quiet…
10800 m2

Parcel with ruined building in Kamari.

90,000 (Code KX 058) Parcel of 2750m2 with a dilapidated building of 50m2, price 90000 €, sea view, in a quiet area outside of the settlement.Kamari…
2750 m2

Plot in Glisidia

200,000 (Code KX 057) Land in Glysidia Paros 4000sqm. In the settlement. Built 400sqm, two-storeyed with basement and swimming pool. Excellent and buildable.with sea view. Price…
4000 m2

Plot in the area of Kukumavles

125,000 (Code KX 049) Plot of 5000sqm in the Kukumavles area, 2km from Parikia Paros, outside the village.On the slope of a hill. Construction for house…
7500 m2

Plot in the area of Magano.

(Code KX 048) Plot of 6000sqm in the area of Magago, 2km from Aliki Parou, outside settlement on top of a hill. Able to construct…
6000 m2

Plot within Ageria settlement

180,000 (Code KX 044) Plot of 6470m2 within the village of Ageria. price 180000 € Construction for use 400m2. with a 24.30m face on a road…
6470 m2

Plot of land in the area of Glyfa

200,000 (Code KX 043) Plot in the area of Glyfa Paros 4000m2. Sea view. 240m2 Ability to built,Outside settlement. Private small beach about 1.500m. price 200000…
4000 m2

Plot of land in tsukalia

150,000 (Code KX 040) 5km from Naoussa, 2 km. from Tsoukalia, 3.3km from Prodromos.
5000 m2

Plot in Sotires

140,000 (Code KX 039) Ability to build up to 400sqm.5km from Parikia
2700 m2

Plot of land in Mangano Aliki.

100,000 (Code KX 038)
5000 m2

Seaside plot in Antiparos.

1,000,000 (Code KX 037) Suitable for tourist investment

Plot of land in Naoussa.

350,000 (Code KX 036) Suitable for business use. 80m person on the street on the provincial road of Parikia, Naousa. 150m from the sea.
4300 m2

Plot of land in Makria miti

750,000 (Code KX 034) South-West orientation. With a small residence of 40sqm. 600m from the sea.
6100 m2

Plot of land in Agios Ioannis Kaparo.

45,000 (Code KX 033)  Altitude 400 meters from the sea. Ability to build up to 100sqm. 2 km from Lefkes

Plot of land in Kampos.

290,000 (Code KX 030) 350m from the beach. Face 100m on a rural road. West orientation. Ability to build up to 240 sqm.
10000 m2

Plot of land in Parasporos

350,000 (Code KX 023) Distance from the beach 270m
9000 m2

Plot of land in Agia Irini

300,000 (Code KX 021) Distance from beach 500m, Distance from Parikia 5 Κm
5000 m2


Plot in Ageria

180,000 (Code KX 100)  Land in Agios Georgios Antiparos, corner, in a very good position, 400m from the beach, area 1060m2. price 180 000 € builts…
1060 m2

Plot in Ageria

150,000 (Code KX 100) Plot of land within the village, area of 2 400m2,construction 400m2, sea view, small slope, in a quiet residential area. Ready architectural…
2400 m2

Plot of land in Agios Georgios Antiparos.

110,000 (code KX 081) Area 1000m2, with very good view, 300m2 building, ground floor, for residential use, price 110000 €.
1000 m2

Plot of land in Agios Georgios in Antiparos.

130,000 (Code KX 071) Inside settlement. Area 1020m2, spectacular view, price 130000 €
1020 m2

Land in Ageria Parou

150,000 (Code KX 069) Inside the village, with building permission of two-storey building, with good view of the bay of Aliki, in a quiet area, price…

Plot in Naousa

100,000 (Code KX 056) Plot in Naousa Paros 84sqm. ruined building. Within settlements. .Early and buildable. sea View. Easy access. Price 100,000 €
84 m2

Plot in Ageria.

150,000 (Code KX 032) 1 km from beaches behind Aliki and Faragas. South-West orientation. Ability to build up to 400 sq.m. Sea view
1200 m2

Plot in Sotires

200,000 (Code KX 029) West orientation overlooking the sunset. Ability to build up to 400 sq.m.
2000 m2

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